Amid the pandemic, we need to continue to be mindful to take the necessary precautions. Preventative measures do not just mean only wearing a mask, social distancing, cleaning hands, & disinfecting but supporting one’s immune system. Here are some simple ways to support your immune system:

  • Nutrition
    • You are what you eat. That cannot be said enough. Treat your body well & nourish it with healthy foods. The less processed food & junk you put into your body, the better off you are. Eating plenty of vegetables, proteins, & a small amount of fat helps properly nourish the body. A balanced diet can supply the proper amount of vitamins & minerals to help support a healthy immune system. The best source of vitamins is from the foods you eat.
  • Health gut
    • A lot of health comes down to having a healthy gut. It’s a simple concept, if you think about it. Western medicine has you take pills that are swallowed & absorbed into your gut. It is better to avoid the need to take medications when possible by having a healthy immune system. Having a healthy gut helps you to absorb nutrients properly & build your immune system’s defense against pathogens. A good way to support a healthy gut are with probiotics & digestive enzymes. While these can be found in some foods, other options include taking them in the form of supplements as well.
  • Sleep
    • Getting the right amount of sleep allows your body to reset & recharge. Sleep enables your body to help heal itself. Now is a great time to set your body on a schedule to go to sleep & wake up around the same time. Having a sleep schedule is an optimal way to get the proper amount of sleep your body needs.
  • Stress relief
    • Reducing stress helps to support your body’s immune system. Three simple ways to reduce stress include deep breathing, exercise, & reflecting upon daily gratitude. There are multiple ways to reduce stress. It’s about finding what works for you & making it part of your daily routine.
  • Sunshine
    • Go outside for 10-15 minutes a day to soak up some sunshine. This will help your body produce Vitamin D which is important for immune health.
  • Exercise
    • Light to moderate exercise for 30 minutes a day cannot just reduce stress but help support your immune system. Exercise at a level that you are at when you start exercising. Listen to your body & stay well hydrated

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