Take ownership of your health. It is not just a matter of how you care for your body but also how you have neglected to care for your body that has contributed to your overall health. Putting off the things that will improve your health just makes matters worse. Constant excuses are not as important as how you feel each day. If you are not willing to do the things that contribute to a healthy lifestyle, you do not really want it no matter how many times you tell yourself or others.

You have the power to have a positive impact on your health. Often, you may need a little help. Sometimes it’s a matter of motivation, accountability, or seeking help from other sources. See the possibilities that are available to you. Determine the goals for your health. Your goal is your responsibility to do something about it. Celebrate each step you accomplish along the way.

Don’t just change what you’re doing. Change how you are thinking. Changing how you think is often the first step. Remove the negativity by rephrasing the things that you tell yourself. Instead of saying, “I have to care for my health.”, “I have to exercise.”, or “I have to eat healthy.”, say that “I get to care for my health.”, “I get to exercise.”, and “I get to eat healthy.”

When you change how you speak to yourself, you then change how you treat yourself. While developing and maintaining healthy habits may seem difficult, you feel a lot better and can achieve so much more when you are healthy.

Often, the difference from people who are healthy and those who are not is the people who are living a healthy lifestyle took responsibility for their health and directed their power to be healthier.

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