When it comes to starting on the path to better health, we all must start somewhere. Everyone has different starting points, setbacks, & challenges on their journey. It is how one faces each obstacle and perseveres despite it. 

I once read an account of one man’s journey as he started his health journey. The man was a young adult, who was bed bound due to his obesity. He decided to take back his life, starting with proper diet and exercising from the confines of his bed. He managed to be able to stand again then eventually walk. Gradually he increased his exercise as he dropped weight. Visually, he appeared unhealthy but was gradually making strides in his health. Most people were encouraging as he shared his story. He got engaged to his girlfriend and had the goal of becoming a fitness trainer. There were some naysayers but that didn’t matter. What mattered was his work and determination to become healthier. 

It doesn’t matter where we start on our path to better health. The thing that is important is that we start then continue to progress along our health journey. There can be setbacks, but it’s a matter of how one deals with those challenges. What other people think doesn’t matter. Encouragement is appreciated but not necessary. 

When I worked at a tennis center in my teens, a heavy-set gentleman jogged by there everyday. My boss commented how it almost seemed funny the sight of him in his bright workout clothes as he jogged by each day, but he couldn’t judge him because that guy was out there every day exercising. He found that encouraging to see someone doing something to benefit of his health. 

Ignore any negativity and criticism, whether it comes from others or ourselves. There is no need to compare ourselves to others. I’ve known people to lose a substantial amount of weight then feel bad for not being as skinny as the other people around them. Just because someone is thin doesn’t mean they’re healthy. They could have a fast metabolism but eat unhealthy and not exercise. One of my friends in her twenties had to worry about high cholesterol, and she was skinny. However, she spent high school eating fast food daily and continued to eat fatty foods. 

Focus on where you want your health journey to go. Determine how you want to get there. Celebrate the small achievements along the way. Don’t get discouraged. Be patient. Adjust expectations. Get help where you need it. Don’t stop once you reach your goals. 

Advice, training, and treatments from health experts can help you obtain your goals. Acupuncture is great as it treats a multitude of health conditions and is great for maintaining one’s health. Often people seek treatment for specific conditions then continue with routine care because of how it makes them feel so good. 

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