Pinelope decided to add some new ornaments to Dr. Katrina’s Christmas tree, in her home. She also got a golden gate as an added precaution to protect the tree from Dr. Katrina’s puppy, Dewey. It’s Dewey’s first Christmas tree. While he would like to play with the tree & ornaments, it’s safer for him to just look & sniff the tree. 

There are health benefits from having a real Christmas tree. Research shows that trees & other living plants improve mental health, reduce stress, & produce a greater sense of well-being. They can also help to decrease fatigue, boost the immune system, improve productivity, & increase creativity.  

Having a Christmas tree can generate joy, happiness, & a sense of nostalgia. All these positive feelings are good for a person’s health. 

Enjoy the Christmas season & appreciate the decorated Christmas trees not just for their beauty but for how they can have a positive on your health & well-being.