Pinelope was able to enjoy a relaxing & peaceful acupuncture treatment from Dr. Katrina at Karma Zen Acupuncture. She has been looking forward to it all year long & appreciates Dr. Katrina’s gentle technique. 

It’s a great time to take advantage of getting a treatment with all the added stress that can come during the holiday season. She wishes she lived closer so she could receive weekly treatments. 

There are multiple benefits from receiving regular acupuncture treatments. While acupuncture is commonly used to treat pain, it can help treat a variety of health conditions. Acupuncture reduces stress, improves sleep, boosts immune function, balances hormones, regulates the digestive system, resolves allergies, & so much more. 

The acupuncture treatments build upon each other. Instead of just treating symptoms, acupuncture addresses the underlying problem & treats a person’s constitution. Each treat is personalized to an individual’s needs to promote optimal health results. 

With all the stress that can manifest during the holiday season, it’s important to care for one’s health. Acupuncture uses non-surgical, non-invasive, & non-pharmaceutical therapies to treat a person’s health. Enjoy a relaxing & gentle acupuncture treatment today. 

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