Pinelope got to enjoy a cupping treatment with Dr. Katrina today at Karma Zen Acupuncture. Dr. Katrina often ends acupuncture treatments with cupping. 

Cupping therapy has multiple health benefits. It helps to open up the micro circulation, helping blood & lymph to flow. In addition, cupping relieves muscle tension, promotes cell repair, helps clear congestion in the lungs, boosts the immune system, and more. 

Often cupping is done on the back. It can also help treat other areas of the body including the shoulders, hamstrings, IT band, & calf muscles. 

While cupping can produce marks on people, those marks are not bruises. The marks can indicate different aspects about a person’s health. Marks usually fade within a few days to week of treatment. 

Cupping therapy is a great way to support & improve a person’s health. It is often a complement to acupuncture treatments.