Dr. Katrina took a Callie & Dewey to see Santa, since it was Dewey’s first time to see Santa, & it’s going to be his first Christmas this year. Pinelope decided to surprise Dewey with a special ornament to celebrate his first Christmas. She found a bulldog ornament to celebrate this milestone, which looks a lot like Dewey.

It is important to celebrate milestones and progress because of the health benefits. Celebrating milestones affect both physical and mental health. It boosts self-confidence, increases productivity, & improves self-esteem. When people celebrate milestones, they are more optimistic, take better care of themselves, & are less stressed. 

Celebrating lowers blood pressure, relaxes muscles, & decreases perception of pain. When celebrating with others, it builds relationships & creates a sense of of camaraderie. It is beneficial for all those involved. 

Whether it’s a small milestone or a huge success, celebrate. It’s good for all involved. Enjoy the good things in life as it makes life more enjoyable. 

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