Today Pinelope is hanging out in the clinic with her friends Headward & Acuman. All 3 are in the Christmas spirit & enjoying each other’s company. 

Good friendships are good for people’s health. Friendship boosts happiness, reduces stress, & generates a sense of purpose & belonging. It is important to develop & maintain positive friendships because they can help with coping through hard times, improving self-esteem, & encouraging healthy behaviors. 

With the craziness of day-to-day life, it’s important to take the time to maintain friendships. A positive friendship can be a very powerful & strong force in our lives. Friendships are a healthy aspect of people’s lives. 

It’s often a friend, who recommends things that are good for us. Sometimes the recommendation is acupuncture, which is great at improving a person’s health, while they relax during a treatment. 

Use some time this holiday season to enjoy time with friends. 

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