With Christmas fast approaching, Pinelope decided to make some Christmas wreaths for Dr. Katrina’s house. She made one for the front door & one for inside the house. The Christmas season is a good time to engage in leisure activities & express one’s creative side. Pinelope enjoyed the chance to be creative. 

Leisure activities such as arts & crafts are beneficial to one’s health. Crafting reduces stress, increases self-confidence, & helps to improve one’s mood. It is also good for mental agility & decreases cognitive decline. By crafting a person uses one’s creative side, which involves different areas of the brain. Arts & crafts can help with fine motor skills, work memory, & engage in problem solving abilities. 

Doing crafts isn’t just fun but shows to have health benefits. It’s important to make time for leisure activities not just during holidays but daily life. Enjoy expressing your creative side. Do something good for your health. Other things good for one’s health include regular acupuncture treatments. Schedule an appointment today. 

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