Pinelope decided to enjoy a relaxing Sunday eating some snacks while watching her favorite holiday movies. She enjoys many of the same Christmas movies each year. 

There are health benefits to watching holiday movies. They increase oxytocin & dopamine, helping to boost a person’s mood. Watching holiday movies reduces anxiety & relieves depression. In addition, watching holiday movies decreases stress by reducing cortisol, which is good for heart health & the immune system. 

Christmas movies bring us festive cheer. Many of these holiday movies provide a sense of perspective of the holiday season. They trigger nostalgic emotions from past holiday seasons. 

Take some time to relax, while enjoying your favorite Christmas movies. Another way to relax that’s beneficial to one’s health is acupuncture treatments. There’s one week left before the new year to receive an acupuncture treatment at Karma Zen Acupuncture. Do something to benefit your health today. 

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