Today Pinelope is enjoying a nap by the Christmas tree. She has been very busy this Christmas season & is now allowing herself some time to rest. All the acupuncture treatments from Dr. Katrina at Karma Zen Acupuncture helped Pinelope get through this busy time of year. She’s hasn’t felt this good since she was a much younger elf. 

Pinelope is sleeping so much better thanks to the acupuncture treatments she’s received. Sleeping is essential to good health. When one sleeps, it’s the time for the body to heal. Sleep boosts the immune system, improves memory, strengthens the heart, prevents weight gain, enhances mood, & increases productivity. 

This holiday season start healthy sleeping habits if you don’t have them already. Go to bed around the same time each night & not too late. Create a peaceful sleeping environment free from electronics. Enjoy this time to have fun but also rest. In the new year, schedule some acupuncture treatments to help improve your health & well-being. 

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