The Rise in East Asian Medicine in Healthcare

The Rise in East Asian Medicine in Healthcare

It’s the 21st century and more people are turning towards medicine that is over 5,000 years old in the form of East Asian medicine also known as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This form of medicine encompasses therapies such as acupuncture, cupping, gua sha, moxibustion, and herbal medicine.

So why is TCM gaining increasing popularity in recent years? Is it because Western medicine has failed us? There’s a greater need and desire to utilize a more natural approach, that doesn’t involve numerous negative side effects. While East Asian medicine has spent thousands of years developing and refining its approach to treating people, the more recent advancements of biomedicine are relatively young and still under development.

In Western medicine, the approach involves understanding the specific biological responses of how the body functions and responds to various forms of treatment. In the development of biomedicine, various drugs and treatments have been discovered to have certain effects on the body without explanation. As a result, you have medications that are prescribed for off-label use, such as antidepressant medications like amitriptyline and trazodone, that are used to help people sleep. The medication known as Chantix is used to help stop smoking without knowing how the biological mechanisms work. Western medicine can’t fully explain all the biological effects of TCM, which has resulted in some skepticism while promoting research.

As TCM has proven to be effective in helping treat people, Western medicine has adopted the various TCM therapies, often with different names. Western medicine implements dry needling, myofascial release, Graston technique, myofascial decompression, and nutritional supplements. Dry needling uses the same type of needles, points, and some of the principles of acupuncture without all the theories developed over the centuries as acupuncture. The down side to dry needling is that it’s often a course requiring about a hundred hours of training versus over the three thousand hours that licensed acupuncturists receive over the course of about 4 years along with the completion of in-depth board exams. Myofascial release done with specialized tools and the Graston technique utilize the same techniques as gua sha, just using different style tools and without the same theories and extensive training that acupuncturists receive. Supplements or nutritional therapies make use of individual herbs and vitamins that have specific effects on parts of a person’s physiology, used in a similar manner as medications.  Chinese herbal medicine utilizes herbal formulas that have been developed over centuries where all the herbs work synergistically to have an effect to treat the whole person, while addressing the underlying condition without a multitude of adverse effects of the body.

There is a considerable difference of how Western medicine and East Asian medicine view and treat people. When it comes to treating people, Western medicine looks at a fraction of the puzzle.  This is seen in drugs that affect specific receptors and not addressing the other problems that are connected and even cause adverse side effects requiring additional medications. When even adopting TCM, biomedicine doesn’t fully understand it and uses pieces that they feel that they can explain and deem beneficial. East Asian medicine looks at the entire person. The explanations in TCM are philosophical in nature but provide explanations to certain connections and responses in the human body that biomedicine doesn’t understand. The principles and concepts of East Asian medicine can be addressed with a scientific mindset that accepts the information in terms of a scientific theory. While TCM can’t be fully explained by science, it’s a medicine that has withstood the test of time over thousands of years.  There are explanations in TCM that connect various symptoms and processes that is not fully understood by science. Some herbs are used in the development of medications, biomedicine doesn’t connect the side effects of the medications where it makes sense according to TCM.

If TCM is so great, then why did biomedicine develop? There is a place for both medicines. It’s a matter of knowing when and how to use each properly. If there is an infection, it’s important to utilize proper antibiotics instead of allowing the infection to spread and cause more harm. Pain doesn’t always have to be managed with addictive medications. Acupuncture is well known and accepted in the Western medical community to help alleviate pain. The additional benefit of East Asian medicine is that it gets to the root of the problem instead of masking the symptoms. Acupuncture and Herbal medicine can readily strengthen the immune system. It is effective in preventing the onset and decreasing the duration and severity of a cold. The benefit of the rising use of East Asian medicine is that people can integrate the different medicines as needed with the goal of achieving optimal health and wellbeing. TCM can be used to treat a multitude of conditions, while also being used as a natural form of preventative medicine.

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Don’t Let Insomnia Adversely Impact Your Daily Life

Don’t Let Insomnia Adversely Impact Your Daily Life

Sleep is one of the most important things that people can do for their health. We all need our sleep, and many people often don’t get enough sleep. For so many people, being able to sleep properly can be a more serious problem than being too busy or having a poor sleep environment. Not getting enough sleep can adversely impact a person’s health and daily life. It impacts the immune system, the body’s ability to cope with stress, mental clarity, and influences one’s mood. Often people are prescribed medications or take something over the counter that leaves them feeling groggy and not well rested. Some of the natural supplements such as melatonin, valerian root, or magnesium are not always effective in helping people sleep. Whether its trouble falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep, dream disturbed sleep, or waking early, there’s an underlying cause that specific to each person. The root cause of insomnia can be due to a variety of patterns, and when treated properly with acupuncture and herbs, a person can get a better night’s sleep that leaves them feeling rested instead of still being tired throughout the day. Acupuncture helps the body to produce the hormones that it makes naturally to promote sleep and helps the body readjust to a natural circadian rhythm. In addition, acupuncture treatments are extremely relaxing helping the body to destress and even allowing people to take naps their treatments. There is a wide array of herbal formulas that can helps promote a restful night’s sleep without the adverse effects of sleep medications. Because the cause of insomnia differs for each person, a combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas can be personalized to address an individual’s root cause of insomnia. It is possible to get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling rested through all-natural means with traditional Chinese medicine.

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Don’t Let The Pain Of Frozen Shoulder Stop You

Don’t Let The Pain Of Frozen Shoulder Stop You

The shoulder is the most mobile joint of the entire body, making it susceptible to various injuries. From frozen shoulder to tendinitis to bursitis to impingement to arthritis, there are numerous ways that the shoulder can be adversely affected. Shoulder joints are extremely complex. Each shoulder is made up bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments that form the joint that allow it to move in numerous directions.  When one part of the shoulder is injured, it affects the entire joint. An injured shoulder isn’t just painful but can impair mobility making daily tasks such as carrying groceries or driving seem difficult. It can be impossible to even pick up one’s kid or grandkid without severe pain. Doing yoga, playing golf, swimming, playing tennis, or water skiing can all be impossible activities to enjoy due to shoulder pain. Injections may provide temporary relief, and surgery may not necessarily fix the problem and can result in reduced mobility. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in the for of acupuncture and complimentary therapies can help to alleviate pain while e promoting healing. Acupuncture is extremely effective in releasing the body’s own natural pain killers and promotes circulation to help heal an injured shoulder. It also promotes the production of synovial fluid which helps to prevent friction of the articular cartilage within the joint.  In addition, cupping can help to increase microcirculation to reduce pain and promote healing as well. These TCM therapies can help with the various components that make up the shoulder joint. Often after just one acupuncture treatment, people experience increased mobility and reduced pain. With a personalized treatment plan, the shoulder can heal through all-natural treatments using acupuncture and cupping without adverse side effects.

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Stop Hiding Behind The Mask Of Anxiety And Depression

Stop Hiding Behind The Mask Of Anxiety And Depression

People aren’t just in physical pain these days. The emotional pain of anxiety and depression have become an all too common occurrence for millions of people. Many medications help mask the emotional pain while leaving people a shell of themselves and out of touch with reality. For some people the proper medications are crucial and after finding the proper balance of medications, they can function normally. Often the medications are meant to be temporary solutions that a person can be weaned from under the supervision of his or her doctor. Some people are content being on their medications but need some additional help in balancing their mood. Other people’s moods are affected but don’t feel comfortable with the medications, or their symptoms aren’t as severe warranting medications. The problem is that the body isn’t making the proper amount of the various mood hormones, that it makes naturally, or people easily become triggered into a constant state of distress.  People’s bodies just don’t know how to naturally return to that state of homeostasis. Fortunately, there are natural solutions without the harsh side effects of many medications. By stimulating specific points on the body, acupuncture helps to retrain the body to release the endorphins and various hormones naturally. Treatments are very relaxing and help the body to heal itself. Herbal formulas are another natural means of addressing the whole person and not just the symptoms of stress and anxiety. They help to get to the root of the problem instead of masking the symptoms. By addressing additional aspects of one’s lifestyle from proper diet, exercise, hydrating properly, and breathing, the body is further able to return to that proper state of homeostasis. A person can work with their medical doctor throughout the process to reduce or discontinue medications if they desire. Other people may need to stay on medications but could use extra help balancing out their bodies. The entire process of incorporating TCM is straightforward when following a properly laid out plan to an individual’s needs. Utilizing acupuncture and adjunctive therapies allow a person to not live behind a mask of anxiety and depression or that of the side effects from medications.

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Ice Not So Nice For Injuries

Ice Not So Nice For Injuries

Many of us were taught to ice an injury as part of R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression, and elevate). Grabbing an ice pack is usually one of the first reactions when someone gets injured. While icing an injury may help to numb the pain, research is showing that reducing the inflammation can inhibit healing. The healing factors that the body creates can’t reach the area of injury as readily because circulation is slowed down by the application of ice. Using ice doesn’t always reduce pain as some people experience increased pain when ice is applied to an injured area. Direct exposure to ice over time can cause a burn as well. Aside from recent research, the principles of East Asian medicine (aka Traditional Chinese Medicine) along with some of the basic laws of physics can explain why ice not beneficial to use on an injury. Not using ice on an injury is a widely accepted practice in East Asian Medicine. Pain occurs as a result of stagnation when circulation is inhibited. Since cold inhibits circulation, ice would ultimately inhibit the healing process.  This concept of temperature affecting healing can be applied using the basic principles of physics. When something is cold, it is moving more slowly, congeals, and becomes stagnant. While if something is warm or hot, it moves faster and more freely. By icing an injury, vessels contract reducing circulation and preventing the healing cells of inflammation from reaching the site of injury. While ice may help to numb the pain, ice ultimately slows down the healing process. It is more beneficial to not use ice on injuries in order to promote quicker healing times. Other treatments such as acupuncture and adjunctive therapies can help to alleviate the pain while promoting healing.

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Acupuncture Helps Heal The Source Of Chronic Back Pain

Acupuncture Helps Heal The Source Of Chronic Back Pain

Back pain has become so prevalent that if you don’t suffer from back pain, you likely know someone who has suffered from back pain in some point of their life. There are many causes to back pain. The truth is that a person can even have a strong core and use poor body mechanics, resulting in a back injury. Often the solution is medications that mask the symptoms as often there isn’t much else that can be done. The problem is that these medications don’t promote healing but mask the pain. Acupuncture is great for not just alleviating the back pain but promoting healing as well. Addition therapies, such as cupping or gua sha, can be used to promote the microcirculation and reduce the inflammation. Moxibustion is another form of therapy that can be implemented to warm the area while alleviating pain. Heat is beneficial to the healing process while ice should be avoided. More research concurs with East Asian medicinal theory and is showing that ice inhibits healing. The combination of acupuncture and complimentary therapies used during treatment is determined by assessing each individual person based on his or her specific needs. One of the problems with back pain is that people may have trouble lying in certain positions. Acupuncture treatments can be versatile by making sure each person is able to relax in a comfortable position during treatment. The points used don’t have to be located at the source of the pain to illicit a healing effect. The points and complimentary care utilized can be adjusted to the person without compromising the treatment. While back pain has become a prevalent problem, it can be resolved naturally while allowing the body to heal itself instead of just masking the pain.

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Acupuncture for Allergy Relief

Acupuncture for Allergy Relief

Allergies have become far too common, affecting millions of people in the U.S. each year. People seek various types of relief including various medications and even shots. For some people these biomedical interventions might work while others may seek a more natural approach. The problem is with over the counter allergy medications, people become dependent upon them to alleviate their allergy symptoms. For some people, the allergy medications stop working overtime. There is good news that there isn’t just one way to treat allergies. Allergies don’t have to be a constant nuisance impacting one’s life due to various allergens in the environment. It’s possible to achieve relief that is lasting and not be subjected to having to make trips to the pharmacy for pharmaceuticals. People don’t have to be subject to pharmacy hours that prohibit purchasing certain allergy medications requiring identification. Acupuncture has proven to be effective in alleviating allergies and improve one’s response to allergens in the environment over time. The symptoms of cedar fever and other seasonal allergies can be significantly reduced through stimulating acupuncture points to release the body’s own natural antihistamines without the side effects of many allergy medications. Since acupuncture needles are so fine and virtually painless, an acupuncture treatment can hurt less than an allergy shot, is more relaxing, and doesn’t illicit a potential reaction like an allergy shot can. In addition, Chinese herbal medicine on its own or in conjunction with acupuncture is extremely effective in treating allergies. Even the use of ear seeds to stimulate certain acupuncture points can be extremely effective in alleviating allergy symptoms. Runny noses, itchy eyes, foggy head, coughing, and sneezing can all be treated effectively, safely, and naturally through acupuncture and herbal formulas without the adverse side effects of medications. It’s possible to alleviate allergies naturally while giving your body and opportunity to relax during an acupuncture treatment.

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Natural Pain Relief Through Acupuncture and Complimentary Therapies

Natural Pain Relief Through Acupuncture and Complimentary Therapies

Pain has become an all too prevalent problem in today’s society, affecting millions of people each year. It’s important to resolve the source of the pain and not just mask the symptoms. Biomedicine often uses various medications to alleviate pain. Unfortunately, these medications mask the pain and don’t get to the root of the problem that’s causing the pain in the first place. In addition, some of the medications prescribed lead to addiction especially when not used according to the doctors’ instructions. Does this mean taking an opioid will lead to addiction? When a person takes medication as directed by their doctor, it is not likely that a person will become addicted to pain killers. However, there are people with genetic predispositions who can become addicted to pain killers easily despite following the directions. The medical doctors don’t necessarily know exactly how each person will react to various pain killers. Fortunately, there are safe alternative means to releaving pain that also gets to the root of the problem as well. Acupuncture has become widely accepted among the medical community for its efficacy at relieving pain. Many people pursue acupuncture to alleviate their pain and experience additional benefits from better sleep to increased energy to improved mobility. In addition to acupuncture, additional therapies in East Asian medicine (aka Traditional Chinese Medicine) can help with pain as well. Cupping is known to improve microcirculation and reduce inflammation, while alleviating pain. Another therapy, known as gua sha, has a similar effect to cupping in relieving pain and can help boost the immune system as well. Various Chinese herbal formulas can help alleviate pain while addressing the underlying cause of the pain. A properly trained acupuncturist can determine the right acupuncture treatment and complimentary therapies when it comes to help alleviating a person’s pain. The added benefit is that these therapies are natural and safe. The only side effect one might have to worry about is enjoying how relaxed he or she feels during an acupuncture treatment.

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Food As Medicine

Food As Medicine

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” These words were spoken by Hippocrates. These words still reign true today. We are what we eat and drink, as it has a huge impact on our overall health. When we eat properly, we are able to properly care for our bodies. Does this mean you can never eat that piece of cake on your birthday or cocktail beverage when you go out or that big juicy burger that you’ve been craving all week? Unless you have some allergy or disease that prohibits certain foods in your diet, it doesn’t mean you can’t allow yourself a treat on occasion. Afterall, what are holidays and birthdays for? Every day is not a holiday or birthday. It does mean that on a daily basis your diet is a lifestyle choice, and you should watch what you put into your body.

In general, we should eat a balanced diet that isn’t processed and full of chemicals. While each person differs on specific needs, it’s important to eat meals containing plenty of fiber, some protein, and a little fat. Often a balance of various colors from leafy greens and red, orange vegetables don’t just hold a visual appeal but a balance of the necessary vitamins and minerals that your body needs. 

Eating unhealthy and then taking hundreds of dollars’ worth of supplements doesn’t constitute a healthy diet. Some supplements are essential, if your diet is deficient such as with iron for a vegetarian, or women over thirty should be taking calcium regularly, if they are not getting enough calcium in their diets. Taking too many, unnecessary, or the wrong supplements, means that the supplements won’t get properly absorbed into the body and end up becoming excreted as waste. It’s important to develop healthy eating habits and nourish your body with a balanced diet before loading your body full of supplements. Often, the supplements that are the most effective are natural food sources such as turmeric or fish oil as opposed to synthetic vitamins. If you can get the proper nutrients from food, that’s the first step, then determine where your diet is lacking and making the necessary adjustments. It’s not as complicated to maintain a healthy but involves some thought, consideration, and even a bit of work to prepare healthy means on a regular basis.

In addition, there are healing properties of various foods. This is stated by Hippocrates clearly and simply that food is medicine. It’s not just a matter of proper diet. We need to incorporate certain foods on occasion to help our bodies heal. Traditional Chinese medicine understood these principles and that’s why many foods are considered Chinese herbs for their medicinal benefits. These herbs have been incorporated in different herbal formulas and can also be consumed as part of one’s diet as well. One example is ginger. It is well known for its properties to soothe an upset stomach and alleviate nausea. Ginger is commonly used in a multitude of Chinese herbal formulas. So ultimately, Hippocrates was saying that a proper diet can help keep you healthy, and food can have many of the benefits of medicine when used properly.

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"I can’t say enough about Katrina and her skills as an acupuncturist. I had major scoliosis surgery done 8yrs ago. Since then I have been suffering with daily pain in my SI joint area. I decided to try acupuncture to see if it could help. By my second appointment I was feeling like a different person. I literally had no pain in that area! Although I need to keep up with my treatment I can honestly say that was the first time I didn’t feel pain in years! I highly recommend seeing Katrina. She is a wealth of knowledge regarding Eastern medicine and it’s also an opportunity to relax and recharge in a soothing environment."


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"Choosing Karma Zen Acupuncture is one of the best decisions I have ever made! Kat is knowledgeable, has a calming presence, is easy to talk to, and really listens to her patients. After only four visits I have noticed vast improvements in my health. I highly recommend Kat and Karma Zen!"


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"Highly recommend Katrina- she is extremely knowledgeable and very easy to talk to. I had a pinched nerve in my neck, it was hard for me to even turn my neck. After 6 treatments, I can now return to yoga and exercise classes. I have had acupuncture from others and she is by far the best."


- Beth H.

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"Kat is an outstanding Acupuncturist. Her technique and bed side manner is very warm. Kat treated me for low back and neck pain. After a couple of treatments, I was back to exercising sooner than usual. I know that her treatments made a huge difference in my quick recovery. I highly recommend Kat for any issue."


- Lisa P.

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"I first came to Katrina at Karma Zen when my knee was badly injured. I received acupuncture for 2 months or so. Not only was my knee healed the experience was amazing for me! My ankle pain is gone my stress level went way down. I feel lighter with much more energy. Katrina has helped me and continues to help. I highly recommend KARMA ZEN!!"


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"Katrina is great. I highly recommend Karma Zen Acupuncture! I no longer have back problems, my energy has returned, the swelling in my knee is gone, I’m sleeping better.. I could go on and on! Thank you Katrina."


- Cheryl W.

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"Dr. Giangarra is an amazing, PASSIONATE, healer that has helped me with migraines and insomnia. It took about 5 sessions with acupuncture and cupping, and now I am MUCH better. I highly recommend Karma Zen for ppl with headaches and sleep issues. You can thank me later!"


- Patricia L.

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"It was about twenty-four hours after my first experience with Acupuncture to combat chronic allergies and rhinitis when noticed I hadn't sneezed in that amount of time.  She said it would help, and she knows what she's talking about and what she's doing!  Thanks, K!"


- Ned B.

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"Katrina is a wealth of information and compassion. I first visited her acupuncture studio on a recommendation from a friend. I had never tried acupuncture and cupping before, but a testy elbow problem had been keeping me up at night. More than relieving the pain associated with the elbow, I needed to get a good night’s sleep again! After my first treatment, the pain abated, and mobility and strength improved progressively week after week. I’d say by the third or fourth weekly session the elbow was a non-issue. I continue to go to Katrina at Karma Zen for general wellness. I always leave much calmer and more collected than when I arrive."


- Jen M.

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"Kat is amazing! She has helped with a variety of different health issues I was having like pain and anxiety. Now I am feeling SO much better, my life has really transformed for the better and I really owe it to the treatments and Kat's attentive and geunine care."

-Kira R.


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"Katrina is an amazing healer. I always feel seen and heard by her. Overall my health has improved so much since I started ssing her. I fully trust her with my healthcare."

-Martha E.


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"Highly recommended!"

-Charles S.


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"Katrina is a caring and compassionate practitioner!"

-Ann L.


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"Serene atmosphere and great intuitional healer."

-Geno D.


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"Very gentle and caring."

-Nancy W.


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"Fantastic practitioner."

-Duncan F.


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"Professional, compassionate and effective care. Amazing staff. That is what you can expect when you visit Karma Zen Acupuncture. Highly recommended!"

-Todd, G.


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"Karma Zen Acupuncture is just like the name implies! Relaxing and healing. Kat is a wonderful practitioner. She is very knowledgeable and attentive. I highly recommend them!"

-Montserrat G.


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"Kat is such a wonderful acupuncturist, very knowledgable, and ensures you feel at ease with the treatments. I highly recommend Karma Zen Acupuncture!"

-Christal D.


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"Terrific practice, terrific practitioner!"

-Michael J.


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"As somewhat of a  "newbie" to the practice I was not sure what to expect from the session(s). I am now months into my scheduled weekly sessions and can feel the positive effects from those. Originally, the minor to worse aches and pains (hips, back, shoulders) were my focus in the treatment plan that Katrina helped me with. Now those  aches are minimizing. What I didn't expect  was how I responded to how acupuncture in the mental side of therapy, a sort of energy and mental shifting treatment. I love  how it helps me handle stress, to relax, motivating me in my exercise regimens and overall, the calming effects it supports and promotes. Katrina is a gifted practioner and is awesome!!Thanks! Mike"

-Mike W.


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Karma Zen Acupuncture is located in a serene spot off of Highway-71 in the Bee Creek Business Park as part of the Bee Creek Clinic. Whether you live locally in Spicewood or in the surrounding areas of Briarcliff, Marble Falls, Lakeway, Bee Cave, Austin, or Dripping Springs, we are happy to provide a peaceful and relaxing environment as we help you on your path to better health. The location is a hidden gem as it’s great for those locally, not wanting to travel far, and for those wanting to escape from the more chaotic and busier areas.

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