Back pain has become so prevalent that if you don’t suffer from back pain, you likely know someone who has suffered from back pain in some point of their life. There are many causes to back pain. The truth is that a person can even have a strong core and use poor body mechanics, resulting in a back injury. Often the solution is medications that mask the symptoms as often there isn’t much else that can be done. The problem is that these medications don’t promote healing but mask the pain. Acupuncture is great for not just alleviating the back pain but promoting healing as well. Addition therapies, such as cupping or gua sha, can be used to promote the microcirculation and reduce the inflammation. Moxibustion is another form of therapy that can be implemented to warm the area while alleviating pain. Heat is beneficial to the healing process while ice should be avoided. More research concurs with East Asian medicinal theory and is showing that ice inhibits healing. The combination of acupuncture and complimentary therapies used during treatment is determined by assessing each individual person based on his or her specific needs. One of the problems with back pain is that people may have trouble lying in certain positions. Acupuncture treatments can be versatile by making sure each person is able to relax in a comfortable position during treatment. The points used don’t have to be located at the source of the pain to illicit a healing effect. The points and complimentary care utilized can be adjusted to the person without compromising the treatment. While back pain has become a prevalent problem, it can be resolved naturally while allowing the body to heal itself instead of just masking the pain.

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