People aren’t just in physical pain these days. The emotional pain of anxiety and depression have become an all too common occurrence for millions of people. Many medications help mask the emotional pain while leaving people a shell of themselves and out of touch with reality. For some people the proper medications are crucial and after finding the proper balance of medications, they can function normally. Often the medications are meant to be temporary solutions that a person can be weaned from under the supervision of his or her doctor. Some people are content being on their medications but need some additional help in balancing their mood. Other people’s moods are affected but don’t feel comfortable with the medications, or their symptoms aren’t as severe warranting medications. The problem is that the body isn’t making the proper amount of the various mood hormones, that it makes naturally, or people easily become triggered into a constant state of distress.  People’s bodies just don’t know how to naturally return to that state of homeostasis. Fortunately, there are natural solutions without the harsh side effects of many medications. By stimulating specific points on the body, acupuncture helps to retrain the body to release the endorphins and various hormones naturally. Treatments are very relaxing and help the body to heal itself. Herbal formulas are another natural means of addressing the whole person and not just the symptoms of stress and anxiety. They help to get to the root of the problem instead of masking the symptoms. By addressing additional aspects of one’s lifestyle from proper diet, exercise, hydrating properly, and breathing, the body is further able to return to that proper state of homeostasis. A person can work with their medical doctor throughout the process to reduce or discontinue medications if they desire. Other people may need to stay on medications but could use extra help balancing out their bodies. The entire process of incorporating TCM is straightforward when following a properly laid out plan to an individual’s needs. Utilizing acupuncture and adjunctive therapies allow a person to not live behind a mask of anxiety and depression or that of the side effects from medications.

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