The shoulder is the most mobile joint of the entire body, making it susceptible to various injuries. From frozen shoulder to tendinitis to bursitis to impingement to arthritis, there are numerous ways that the shoulder can be adversely affected. Shoulder joints are extremely complex. Each shoulder is made up bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments that form the joint that allow it to move in numerous directions.  When one part of the shoulder is injured, it affects the entire joint. An injured shoulder isn’t just painful but can impair mobility making daily tasks such as carrying groceries or driving seem difficult. It can be impossible to even pick up one’s kid or grandkid without severe pain. Doing yoga, playing golf, swimming, playing tennis, or water skiing can all be impossible activities to enjoy due to shoulder pain. Injections may provide temporary relief, and surgery may not necessarily fix the problem and can result in reduced mobility. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in the for of acupuncture and complimentary therapies can help to alleviate pain while e promoting healing. Acupuncture is extremely effective in releasing the body’s own natural pain killers and promotes circulation to help heal an injured shoulder. It also promotes the production of synovial fluid which helps to prevent friction of the articular cartilage within the joint.  In addition, cupping can help to increase microcirculation to reduce pain and promote healing as well. These TCM therapies can help with the various components that make up the shoulder joint. Often after just one acupuncture treatment, people experience increased mobility and reduced pain. With a personalized treatment plan, the shoulder can heal through all-natural treatments using acupuncture and cupping without adverse side effects.

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