If you want to develop a positive attitude in life, express daily gratitude for the things you’re grateful for each day. 

Create a list of 3-5 gratitudes. The list could be the same things or different based on that particular day. 

Nothing outstanding needs to occur in order to create a gratitude list. The list could include simple things such as a bed to sleep in, clean water, and a roof over your head. 

You could use the same list of a few things read it to yourself then add additional things you’re grateful for that day. You could have the worst day, but the basic things you’re grateful for or good despite the bad day can put the day into a better perspective. 

The list can be a note created in the note app on your phone, set as a daily reminder in your calendar, a post-it on your bathroom mirror, or a gratitude journal that you write in each night. It doesn’t matter how you do but that you do it daily. 

When you are grateful for the things in your life on a daily basis, you develop a positive outlook on life. You don’t remember the bad as much as the good. You can learn to find the positive in negative situations. 

It can be difficult at first. Challenge yourself for 28 days because it takes about that long to form a habit. After a while, it becomes easier. Gratitude then becomes your attitude.