In life, there seems to be a constant struggle to find balance. It’s not a matter of balancing a couple things but numerous things. Balancing can include work, family, friends, health, self-care, chores, downtime, and so much more. It’s frustrating as there’s not enough hours in the day, not enough energy to do it all, and unexpected surprises both good and bad. 

Finding and working on balance involves coming to terms with what is important, figuring out what to let go, deciding how time is being wasted, and determining what needs to be added. Yes, adding things to the mix. It’s not that we don’t have enough going on but often it’s too easy to neglect ourselves. When we take better care of ourselves then it becomes easier to do the things that need to be accomplished and care for others who need us. Then it’s a matter of readjusting as needed because inevitably life changes and throws us curveballs on occasion. 

Establish what is truly important. Some things take priority because they are basic needs. Most must work to support themselves and even their families. Other things are wants such as spending more time with loved ones or going out more often. 

Of the things that require your attention, sometimes there are things we can let go over. It could be hiring help or turning responsibility of some chore to a family member. Even changing how you go about grocery shopping by ordering your groceries curbside or having certain household essentials on subscription orders can save some time. We don’t have to do it all. It’s exhausting. Maybe your spouse or kid could vacuum or invest in a robotic vacuum cleaner. Even if the job isn’t done perfectly in that instance, it’s better than not being done at all. 

Determine how are you wasting your time that doesn’t serve you. It could be scrolling through social media, watching you videos online, streaming a show on some streaming service, or working on something that could potentially wait. It doesn’t mean you can relax, but part of that time could be used on something more productive. Stream a favorite show while exercising or cooking. You could do something else instead. Sometimes it helps to accomplish tasks before sitting down after getting home because it can be more difficult to get up after finally stopping to relax.

Finally, it’s important to figure out what you’re neglecting. Commonly people neglect their health. Give yourself an hour a day. An hour comprises about 4% of your day. It could be a matter of taking your dog for a walk or playing a sport with a family member. That could effectively accomplish more than one thing as you could be spending time with your family, friend, or pet. Prepare.  Prepare a healthy meal with your family. You can teach your kid to cook. With air fryers, instant pots, and partially prepared meal delivery services, it’s easier these days to cook and eat healthier. Additionally, it’s another way to spend time with and care for your family and yourself. Go get an acupuncture treatment from a licensed acupuncturist. That’s a great way to care for yourself and relax for an hour out of the week. That hour is about 0.6% time out of your week. You will likely leave feeling better and more relaxed.

We don’t have to do it all. It’s pretty much impossible to do it all. We can certainly try our best. There are factors that can affect our best. We are human and that’s perfectly fine. Give yourself the necessary breaks and be kind with others too. It’s amazing what we’re capable of when we’re not trying everything and find a balance that is manageable.