Since it is such a dreary day outside, Pinelope decided to enjoy some light therapy. She was able to relax while enjoying the health benefits of spectral light therapy under the new Freestanding Aculight Pro-red Light Therapy Device to enjoy some red light therapy.

Red light therapy has numerous health benefits and is gaining popularity. The Acu Light Pro emits 3 types of spectral color lights, including red, yellow, and blue lights. Each light penetrates at different depths with different health benefits.

Blue light is the most superficial and helps to kill bacteria, promotes cell activation, helps with injury recovery, treats acne, and sterilizes the skin.

Yellow light penetrates deeper and improves cell oxygenation utilization, promotes circulation, helps with red spots and red face, and removes pigments.

Red light is the most penetrating and promotes skin cell regeneration, increases oxygen content in blood, stimulates circulation, improves acne, promotes wound healing, eases pain, promotes collagen production, and improves wrinkles.

Studies have shown that red light therapy helps with alopecia to regrow hair, protects cells against damage from stress, helps clear acne, rosace, and eczema, enhances fertility, and improves thyroid function.

The special thing about the Acu Light Pro is that the lights can be adjusts so that one type of light or a combination of the lights can be used at the same time during treatment. Additionally, it emits a high level of lumens of light, so it is effective when placed further from the body. Plus, the fact that it is free standing allows for it to be placed further from the face, so a person doesn’t have to feel claustrophobic with a light close to one’s face.

Spectral light therapy is part of the visible light spectrum and contains no UV light. It a natural way to positively affect one’s health.

The Acu Light is an add on to acupuncture treatments in the clinic and is used with micro needling treatments now being offered at the clinic as well.

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