Pinelope was so grateful for her microneedling treatment that she decided to surprise Dr. Katrina at home with a new Christmas ornament, some new penguin pins, & new Santa hat. After coming to Karma Zen Acupuncture the past few years, Pinelope knows Dr. Katrina loves penguins & enjoys decorating her Santa hat with pins. Dr. Katrina happily wears her Santa hat throughout the Christmas season, including while treating patients at Karma Zen Acupuncture. This brings Dr. Katrina & the people she treats joy & happiness. 

Pinelope knows the importance of joy & happiness affecting health. She is elated to do something for her favorite acupuncturist & looks forward to getting acupuncture treatments while here in Texas.  Her hope for the Christmas season is that everyone does something to bring them joy & improve their health so they may enjoy Christmas & the new year to come. 

When people are happy, they tend to eat better, are more active, & sleep better. These healthy behaviors contribute to a person’s health. Research shows joy helps to boost a person’s immune system, decreases stress, & reduces pain. In addition, happier people tend to have lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, decreased chance of a heart attack, less risk of stroke, & reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. 

This holiday season find the things that bring you joy to help improve your health. Spread some joy to others as it further generates happiness. Acupuncture & complementary are a great way to help improve a person’s health & even bring joy into a person’s life as it’s so relaxing. 

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