Pinelope decided to help Dr. Katrina with her outdoor Christmas decorations. She got her some new decorations for her front yard. Ever since her childhood, Dr. Katrina has enjoyed holiday lights & looks forward to seeing them as well as decorating her own yard each year. 

Holiday lights can have a positive impact on a person’s health. The lights can generate a sense of relaxation & fun. 

According to experts, Christmas lights can have a positive psychological effect. Seeing lights can increase happy hormones, such as dopamine, improving a person’s mood. 

Another theory includes the concept of chromotherapy or color therapy. Chromotherapy has been used to treat mood disorders, such as anxiety & depression. Bright lights & colors can signal to the brain to release feel good hormones as well. Red lights can encourage the production of melatonin. White & blue light can reinvigorate one’s mind & body. 

Christmas lights can create a sense of nostalgia. While nostalgia is linked to memories, research shows that it can lead to a positive outlook on the future. Also, the brain links nostalgia to optimism as well as social connectedness. 

It’s good to enjoy holiday lights as it can positively affect one’s health & is a great way to celebrate the holiday season. 

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