Pinelope decided to spend some time with Dr. Katrina’s English bulldog puppy, Dewey. He is Karma Zen Acupuncture’s latest unofficial mascot. 

Dr. Katrina got Dewey during the summer. Dewey comes to work with Dr. Katrina most days unlike his furry sisters. He enjoys greeting patients when they come for their appointments. Patients enjoy getting to meet Dewey & give him pets. He will often chill in his pen but sometimes comes out to play with some patients, some patients are known to even get on the floor to play with Dewey. In between appointments, Dewey enjoys short walks outside with Dr. Katrina. 

Pets are great for peoples physical & emotional health & well-being. They help to combat loneliness. Owning pets helps reduce stress hormones, decrease blood pressure, lower cholesterol, alleviate symptoms of PTSD, & improve rates of anxiety & depression. Pets help to create a sense of self purpose & promote increased physical activity of owners, which helps to further improve health. Another effect of pets on mental health is that pets support social connection, which improves self-esteem, creates a more optimistic outlook, improve cognitive function, & increases empathy & trust in others. 

Pets are a long-term commitment, who reciprocate being cared for in a loving home with health benefits to their owners. Enjoy the pets in your family & show them a little appreciation this holiday season. 

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