With Christmas just a couple weeks away, Pinelope decided to surprise Dr. Katrina’s puppy, Dewey, with his very own stocking. Since it’s Dewey’s first Christmas, he needed a stocking. Dewey got a penguin stocking similar to Dr. Katrina’s stocking. All of Dr. Katrina’s pets have their own stocking for Christmas. There is even a stocking for Pinelope too. With the spirit of giving this time of year, Pinelope decided to surprise all the animals with a basket full of various dog & cat toys. 

There are health benefits to giving. It is proven that giving decreases stress & lowers blood pressure. Endorphins are released when a person gives. This helps to boost self-esteem & decrease depression, which is associated with better physical health. Research has linked giving to living longer. Also, giving promotes social connection to others. 

Giving doesn’t have to be a matter of giving other stuff but can include giving of time, like volunteering. By giving, we can help others. It’s good for our health too. Sometimes we should give to ourselves in the form of self-care, such as enjoying an acupuncture treatment. Good health is one of the best gifts anyone can receive.