Since Dr. Katrina is working from home today, Pinelope decided to make her a cup of coffee this morning. The problem was that Pinelope wasn’t sure which mug to use. She knows Dr. Katrina loves penguins & set up a selection of penguin mugs to choose from. Dr. Katrina enjoys waking up to one cup of coffee in the morning. 

When consumed in moderation, coffee can be beneficial to one’s health. Coffee can boost energy & brain health. Drinking coffee can improve one’s mood & may reduce the risk of depression. It can increase adrenaline, thus helping to break down body fat. Antioxidants, which help prevent cell damage, are found in coffee. Studies show that coffee can help to reduce the risk of heart failure & lower the risk of type 2 diabetes. 

It is important to consume coffee in moderation. Unless one’s doctor is recommending otherwise, don’t feel guilty about enjoying your morning cup of coffee. It can be beneficial to your health & an enjoyable way to start one’s day.