Pinelope has reunited with some old friends while making some new friends at Dr. Katrina’s house. This year, she is helping them referee a snowball fight. A snowball fight is a great form of physical activity.

Physical activities come in various forms. It can involve playing a sport, going for a walk, practicing yoga, doing yard work, and more. There are so many types of physical activity, that it’s possible to find something one enjoys doing to get much needed exercise. 

Engaging in physical activity is important for emotional & physical health. When you exercise, your body produces endorphins, which help improve a person’s mood. It’s a great outlet to take out frustrations & let things go, helping to lower stress. Physical activity helps to ward off diseases, increase energy, & manage weight. Regularly engaging in physical activity helps to improve sleep. 

It’s important to be physical active each week, for one’s health. If pain or other injury gets in the way, acupuncture is great at resolving the pain while healing the body. Acupuncture treats the entire body, instead of just symptoms. So, relax with a gentle acupuncture treatment & enjoy some physical activity for your health.