Today Pinelope is enjoying all the decorations in the clinic. She loves Christmas decorations & is enjoying the decorations that have been placed throughout the office. 

Decorating for Christmas has positive health benefits. Just the act of decorating is physical exercise, whether it is decorating a tree indoors or placing decorations outside one’s home. It can also have positive effects on mental health as decorating can lift one’s mood, helping to combat anxiety & depression. 

By decorating for the holidays, it makes us feel more in control, reframes our focus on little things, & creates a sense of comrade with others. Holiday decorating is a healthy distraction from the heavy stuff & is very uplifting as it gives us something to look forward to celebrating. 

It doesn’t matter how much one decorates for the holiday. Just enjoy putting up what decorations you can & savor the other decorations others have put up as well. Let the effects on your health be positive. 

If you can, take the time to do other things for your health, such as a relaxing acupuncture treatment. At Karma Zen Acupuncture, you can benefit from the festive holiday decorations & a gentle acupuncture session. 

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