In preparation for Christmas, Pinelope decided to bake some cookies for Santa. She decided to make her famous gluten free cookies with caramel M&M’s. They’re some of Santa’s favorite. Pinelope uses almond flour & coconut flour in her cookies. She also gathered some sweet treats to leave out on Christmas Eve. 

Sometimes to be healthy, people need to give up what is making them sick. For many people that can be gluten. With all the various products available & easy to follow recipes, you can still enjoy many of your favorite foods without gluten. 

Gluten free diets can alleviate joint pain, maintain a healthy weight, improve bone health, & eliminate bloating. It can help to clear brain fog & increase energy. Often it can help to cut processed foods from one’s diet. 

If you have any of those symptoms, it may be worth trying to eliminate gluten from your diet. Maybe it’s something else adversely affecting your health. Is it worth getting in the way of your health?

Sometimes you need to add things to your life to improve your health. It could be physical exercise, stretching, meditating, or mental exercise such as crossword puzzles. Acupuncture treatments are great to incorporate into one’s weekly routine to improve one’s overall health. It’s great for treating a variety of health problems & maintaining one’s health. 

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