Pinelope is spending time with her Penguin friend in the Karma Zen Acupuncture clinic. She’s even letting her penguin friend try on her hat. Dr. Katrina’s clinic, home, & Santa hat are decorated with penguins. They make her happy, which has a positive impact on her health. 

Happiness positively affects a person’s health. It strengthens the immune system, lowers blood pressure, & reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Being happy improves sleep & combats stress. In addition, happy people have fewer aches & pain. 

Our mood is affected by our environment. Surrounding ourselves with positive people, expressing gratitude regularly, & finding joy in things along with activities one enjoys, all help us to be happy. It’s important to focus on the positive. Acupuncture is a mindful medicine that addresses a person’s health & can bring joy to a person’s life. 

Enjoy the holiday season. Look for the good. Let yourself be happy, since it’s good for your health.  Enjoy an acupuncture treatment as it has a positive effect on the body, mind, & soul.