The arctic blast dropping temperatures in Texas is making Pinelope nostalgic for the cold weather at her home in the North Pole. Though, it’s not nearly as cold as her home. She got some sweaters for Dewey & Callie to keep them warm. Pinelope found a snowflake projector tree topper for the Christmas tree. She’s watching the snowflakes projected on the ceiling pretending it’s real snow. 

The holiday season can be very nostalgic for people. It’s good to focus on all the merry memories of Christmas’ past, good time with loved ones, fun trips, & pleasant surprises. 

Nostalgia is beneficial to one’s health. It decreases anxiety, reduces depression, improves memory, & promotes physical well-being. Also, nostalgia contributes to youthfulness & helps cope during tough times. 

Enjoy the good memories. Focus on the good things that have happened. Acupuncture helps people with their health. A gentle acupuncture treatment is a great way to relax while treating health problems & calm the mind.