Since it’s Christmas Eve, today is Pinelope’s last day in Texas this year. Pinelope experienced another amazing healing acupuncture session this morning & is now celebrating the start of the Christmas break for Dr. Katrina at Karma Zen Acupuncture. Pinelope is enjoying the lights & decorations in the clinic one last time before she leaves. 

This holiday season, Pinelope enjoyed all her acupuncture treatments from Dr. Katrina & feels so much healthier. She learned the importance of things that she can do for her health such as exercise, mindfulness, & getting enough sleep. She learned how different things such as Christmas lights, holiday decorating, focusing on the positive, gratitude, & celebrating milestones are good for one’s health. Pinelope can’t wait to get back to the North Pole to tell everyone she knows about the benefits of acupuncture & looks forward to returning next year. She is going to have Santa come see Dr. Katrina in the new year because his back can get sore from delivering all those presents. 

It’s been another great year treating a lot of amazing people. Dr. Katrina has enjoyed seeing people heal as their health improves through their acupuncture treatments. It’s time for her to take a break for the holidays as she cares for herself so she can further care for her patients in the new year. She looks forward to the new year & being able to help more patients. 

To take care of others in our life, we must first take care of ourselves. Taking care of our health helps us with caring for family, enjoying time with friends, taking care of our households, & being productive at work. It’s important to take a break for one’s health. One great way is through acupuncture treatments. 

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