On International Women’s Day, it’s a good time to reflect on our strength as women & work on caring for ourselves. As women, we are capable of so much & even more. A woman’s body is capable of developing & growing new human life, something which males can’t do. Often women are the primary caregivers of the family, helping take care of everyone else’s needs first. Unfortunately, this can have negative consequences on women’s health. 

For a woman to care for her loved ones, she needs to care for herself first. That goes for everyone. It doesn’t mean being selfish. When we live for our loved ones & care for our health, we can better care for those loved ones. 

It’s important to eat healthy, engage in physical activity, care for our emotional well-being, drink plenty of water, & get restful night’s sleep. We need to nurture our body, mind, & soul. This helps us to be at our optimal health, so we cannot just care for those we love but enjoy time with them. 

I’ve heard patients tell me that they get so busy caring for their families that they put themselves last & end up negatively affecting their health. Coming for regular acupuncture treatments has such a positive impact on their health, that they feel a difference when they don’t come in for treatments for a while. Acupuncture treats health problems, addresses a person’s constitution, & relaxes the mind. It’s a great way to help treat health problems & maintain one’s health. Value your health & show it some love with regular acupuncture treatments. As women, we are amazing & capable of even more when we’re healthy. 

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